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My Movie Library helps you keep your movie collection organized
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My Movie Library is an application that can help you keep your movie collection organized. You may store both artistic movies and personal videos filmed with your own camera.
Adding new movies to database is an easy thing to do, thanks to the welcoming interface which provides large buttons placed at hand. If you get bored with the implicit interface, you have the possibility to select another skin out of a total of three available.
There is a smart function which allows you to look for artistic movies in IMDB. The same function brings the movie together with its details (actors, director, year, rating, genre, duration), cover photo, and information related to media support (DVD, BlueRay, or HDD). In case these informations are not available, you can edit them by yourself.
As far as I'm concerned, the Rent Out function is very useful, because it reminds you whom the movie was borrowed to. Changing the movies' sequence in the displayed list seems an easy thing to do. With a simple click of the mouse you can sort them out according to different criteria: year, genre, name, rating, or actors. This facility helps you instantly find out the movie you are looking for.

I recommend Automatic Backup option to be checked when editing your movie database. The Import and Export seemed difficult to me. I encountered some errors with reference to movies' array after executing the actions mentioned above.

To sum it all up, the program is nice. It doesn't have useless functions. I only would have preferred to provide more skins and the possibility to select CD from media supported types. Except these two remarks, along with some errors encountered after importing the database, I consider that My Movie Library is worth trying, as it has a big advantage - it is free.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Free tool
  • Fast search
  • Nice interface


  • CD support is not available to select as media type
  • Errors occur after importing database
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